TEDxBrussels 2014

The world is complicated and full of mysteries. We need guides, manuals, maps. They show us where we should go and where we set out from. They also show us where we are relative to the things around us. Without maps we’d get lost.

Mathematics, physics, medicine; they're all maps, symbols we use to explain the world to ourselves. They show us a version of life written in a certain language but they do not show us life itself. The thing is, over time we start confusing the map for the territory – the guidebook for the city. We mistake the maps we have for the ground beneath us and manipulate them as if they were real. Science is a map, done by scientists, manifested in technology, owned by academies.

Our bodies and brains are a territory that’s been carefully mapped by doctors. They own and control that map and since we cannot all master science we agree to navigate using their map. There are many dangers marked on this map and we have been warned not to sail towards the horizon for fear the world is flat and we might fall off.

But there’s a new wind blowing today. Citizen-science, self-measurement, rapid prototyping, and DIY biology all mean we’re re-drawing the old maps for ourselves. Instead of monsters we’re finding new continents of knowledge and experience, hunting down hidden treasures, and seeing the territory for the first time.


In this bold spirit of exploration and adventure TEDx Brussels is setting sail again on 1 December 2014 with another amazing line up of international speakers and a full day of talks. Come and join us for a journey into ideas worth sharing, bring your own compass and be prepared to throw your map away. 




Every year we bring this amazing event to Brussels also thanks to our great partners. They are again with us this year for TEDxBrussels 2014.