Andri Søren Haflidason


Musician and visual artist  |

Andri Søren is a musician and visual artist.  In his project as Sonøren he creates a sonic universe out of "found sounds" from everyday life, his past, and in the here and now.  

An architect by training, he considers making music and visual art not unlike the process of design; taking elements and ideas that already exist, and composing new works out of them.  In such a way distant sounds of the city, the cacophony of a passing parade, or snatched fragments from a conversation are resynthesized into often unrecognisable soundscapes; pieces of music that are also soundtracks from life itself.

His performances are often highly improvised and exploratory; it is the moment of creation rather than the repetition of already existing works that drives them.  Andri has performed at venues across Europe and has a show as Sonøren at the Beursschouwburg in Brussels on the 15th of March.  He regularly gives workshops and talks and is a co-founder of the collective housed at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels.