Arthur Queval

Arthur Queval

Healthtech entrepreneur

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Arthur Queval is the CEO and Co-Founder of Qloudlab, a medical startup based in Switzerland, which develops handheld health diagnostic solutions, using only a tiny drop of blood. He is the inventor of the first touchscreen-based biosensor, which is able to turn any Smartphone touchscreen into a medical device for blood diagnostic testing. In 2014, he launched a new platform, opening the way for multiple blood and urine testing based on a universal palm-sized device.

Arthur was born in Paris and at the age of 13 he and his family moved to Papeete (Tahiti) where he obtained his French Baccalaureate. Arthur holds a Master's degree in Micro-engineering, with specialization in Bioengineering, from the Swiss Institute of Technology (EPFL). He completed his Master's degree at McGill University in the Micro&Nano Bioengineering Laboratory in Montréal, and published there in a first class journal in the field of Biomedical devices.

Previously, Arthur was Innovation Project manager at the Swatch Group Ltd. where he supervised more than 15 projects ranging from R&D, IP & Product Strategy to Industrialization. He also worked on the development of the Swatch System 51, the world's first mechanical watch made on a fully automated assembly line, and contributed to the performance and improvement of current watch movements for Longines, Omega, Blancpain and Tissot. He is the inventor or co-inventor of 25 international patents related to the watchmaking and biomedical industries. In December 2012, he left his position at Swatch to further pursue and develop his own Qloudlab. Qloudlab was officially created in October 2013, and has recently been mentioned in mass media articles, such as Wired and Yahoo. The company now counts several partnerships in the Telecommunications and Pharma industry.

Arthur took his first steps in entrepreneurship, at age 14, by selling his art creations. Since then, he continues to explore and strive for innovative concepts. He has practiced or tried almost all extreme sports, but entrepreneurship gives him that extra adrenaline that drives him forward every morning. His passion goes from bioengineering, nanotechnology, mechanics, physics, to art and design. In his spare time, Arthur is addicted to Kitesurfing and seeks out the best wind spots in the world.