Béa Ercolini

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TEDPITCH: sexual behavior


Pioneer in fighting against street harassment and sexism. She founded Touche Pas A Ma Pote in 2012, a non profit NGO that sends actors to schools and Planed Parenthood to educate students (from 11 to 20 years) about sexism. TPAMP also creates campaigns to change minds, works with the City and police of Brussels, and lobbies for political solutions.


Believing in a more gender-balanced world, Bea Ercolini launched the Belgian edition of ELLE magazine. She was the editor in chief and editorial team director and used her title to promote  gender equality topics.


As a journalist, she runs a chronicle in Le Vif L’Express called Women In Numbers, which focuses on gender inequality and women’s advancements. Last October, she launched a women’s social club in Brussels called BEABEE. Its purpose: empowerment, networking, and fun!