1. Personal synthetic genomes and synthetic vaccines (Venter is unbeatable) 2. We have to demedicalize death and accept it. 3. The new 'ome' is the microbiome (after the genome, the phenome, connectome and the epigenome) 4. Cancer is a verb (Danny Hillis) We can build a predictive model of 'cancerous' based on proteomics 5. There is a disconnect between patient and doctor and nurturing and caring are curative and have to come back (the bedside manner, Florence Nightingale) 6. We are all the same but in a completely different way: It is amazing that medicine works given the variation 7. There is more Neanderthal in most of us than in our Cro-Magnon dreams 8. The 1000$ full genome $equencing is on its way but we are hitting a wall of interpretation 9. If we can model it, we can beat it (Nathan Myrvoldt) 10. With genomic medicine coming the FDA must change its protocols Best joke of the conference: Quincy Jones (sex after seventy is like shooting pool with a rope)

Idea worth spreading: • Liver damage is caused by a bacterium not by alcohol, so we should mix our drinks with antibiotics • There is a correlation between dry sex and HIV