Imagine if the development of consciousness in humans was simply a reflection of mechanical effects observable throughout the natural world. That would be a fatal body blow for the treasured ideas of ourselves as free-willed, imaginative, self determining organisms right?

Well, yes and no says Jeffrey Satinover, psychiatrist, neuroscientist, physicist and author. His latest research is all about those effects at a quantum level and their implications for the future of the world.

If disease and illness could be understood as expressions of computational mathematics we could develop completely new tools for understanding and combating them. Although not a new field, quantum biology could be about to make a step change towards much more widely applicable solutions.

If you think that sounds weird, ask yourself this question.

What if we could have predicted Hurricane Katrina? or 9/11?

What if the all of the future and the past were to be ‘coded’ into our cultural genome and discoverable using mathematical tools?

There was a time when the quantum computer was a fantasists pipedream and sure, they can still today only solve relatively simple problems, but quantum mechanical theory is a rapidly expanding research field and people like Jeffrey Satinover are important purely to think in a multi-disciplinary way.

Jeffrey Satinover will be at TEDx Brussels on the 6th December. Jeffrey Satinover Youtube interview