I am the curator of TEDxBrussels. I invited Mc Taggart. I was a bit disappointed in her, I had expected more of a show because that is the main reason why people attend these revivalist things.  Stromae made us dance, she made us close our eyes as a group and ‘focus our intentions’.  Both things we do not normally do because we tend to think of ourselves as particles, but in these moments the gravity of the wave gets us.  Afterwards we sometimes change our minds because the measuring of position disturbs momentum (basic Heisenberg Principle).  I'm not sure that particles like to ride in waves and waves enjoy aggregating particles but that's the duality.

I was sitting between Marc Luyckx and Rik Torfs which was quite funny.  We held each others' hands like a trinity and closed our eyes and said ‘allez, enfin, nee toch..” but we did it and were relieved when it was over.  (Although I must admit that,  since I had slept little that night before, one minute more and I would have collapsed in a nano-comatic nap)

Mc Taggart is not the point I want to make here.  It is us, you and me.  TEDsters, people, Belgians, Flemish, Francophones, Brusselaars.  We need more things to happen in this country.  A lot more.  It is our duty to make our environment cooler (or hotter).  We need to be more open-minded, more risk-taking, more open to everything.  More Californian, more West Coast.  We need to be hungry and foolish.  We have to try more crazy stuff, not less.  We have to be ‘out of control’ as Dries Buytaert said.

It takes a hell of a lot of noise before you find a signal (and sometimes we even generate white noise in order to amplify signals).  No noise, no signal. It is at the edge of chaos that we find the signal. With frontier research the sociology of science plays an even more evident and important a role than the science itself.  At the frontier of innovation, the fight is always on, there is no peace.

I would love to have the Singularity University, in Belgium because it goes to extremes and wants to study exponential technologies, but I am afraid that we will lose to the Dutch government.

Post-modernism is the bankruptcy of the Grand Narrative and the openness to 'marginal' narratives .  Open everything, but start with your mind.  That was what Marc Luyckx was promoting.

Walter De Brouwer I have a public email address (wdb@laptop.org) and a public website; like Cory I am against synthetic identities.