November 20th 2045

Fridge empty this morning. Joe arrived with breakfast from the refill centre, banana bee pollen milkshakes, yum! - seems I needed more phosphorous. He had a very cool new bike, stickers that play movie trailers stuck all over it - all running on leg power, I want one!  Told me about a group meeting tonight, our Eastern Caucus rep is coming over to talk about the anglo-spanish data mountain. Not sure I can be bothered though, there's a gig at work later; might send the avatar.

Rode the walker to work, lovely sunshine, birdsong. Since all the traffic went underground or silent, things have really changed, saw the crazy guy who sells those news bites, downloaded the key points from Palestine-Israeli parliament opening speech. God knows how they're going to work it out but it's a good start I think it's related to the module habitats and vertical farming system.

Work fun today and I think the new assistant editor was looking at me this morning, might flash over an invite to the gig tonight ; ) Workload mounting up, didn't help of course that I got distracted by a real time texture swap with some North Korean designer. The renderings for the super synth environment look amazing - Elizabeth even walked into the fountain thinking it was the level 7 flower trap. The Koreans are definitely emerging as major render farms, talented too.

Sent my health tracker screens to the doctor this afternoon. She flashed me through the headset that she's got some new exercise ideas. Apparently my correlations don't conform to any of her databases. I must be special! Dad says his read outs are so consistent his doctor thinks they're faked.

My savings codes are up, looks like the summer will be in orbit after all. Must tell the others to check their supercredits.

Headset is out of date, all my screen items turn left instead of right and were upside down yesterday so facilities brought me a new one. Much smaller and unbelievably fast they've totally cracked the learnability aspect. You have to place it over your ears which feels a bit odd at first but after laying out the weekly news feed (while flashing over that invite to the gig) I'm hooked. Selena my assistant's got one of the new models too so we had a silent mind-to-mind run down of our chances for tonight. Hope no one was listening...

Submitted my piece for the gig later, apparently it's going to be broadcast to the Mars mines and all the way out to the Chinese satellites.

Tell you about the gig tomorrow...

The theme for TEDx Brussels is A Day In The Deep Future - What will yours look like?