You can feel the snap! in the air as Robin Hood fires his arrows right into your living room, the doomed airliner makes you jump out of your seat as it crashes straight through your ceiling and the smell of the cigars at the mob poker game wafts around the house. The future of cinema is full immersion, sound and image of such textured reality you'll be backing away from barking dogs and moving in for that passionate kiss with the screen siren. Some people think it's going to be full digital 3-D, others screen technology of absurdly high resolution matched with ultra high bandwidth delivery-on-demand systems. Either way it's coming directly into the home and evolving rapidly. There are some fascinating ideas in the world of future films. One, as James Cameron says, is that the 3-D image 'is so close to a real experience that it actually triggers memory creation' or that higher resolution 3-D films use more neurons leaving the movie-goer stimulated and energised after the show. It's not hard to see that the implications are full immersive environments, conjured up in the home or offered in bespoke locations - a full body cinema if you like with movement, touch, smell and taste all stimulated. It's going to go well beyond 3-D and visual-truth technology, more like Real-D. Add in the knowledge gathered about you as you blithely click around the internet and we could be looking at highly tailored stories. This could mean film fans experiencing subtly different version of the same picture as sound and colour cues are minutely adjusted to match personal preferences and volunteered profiles.  Google does this too of course by serving up different results from the same search depending on what information they hold about your location or profession. I wanna watch my Star Wars not yours.

While camera and playback technology will enable new cinema experiences by constantly refining optical delivery and dramatic visual spectacle, it's really behaviour, what you and me actually do, that will make the biggest difference. Forget eating during  the flight you'll be projecting a film from your phone onto the seat back in front. See your friends comments integrated into the story, cast your own actors and choose a different director, watch the same film in 5 different genres. Film noir Wizard of Oz anyone? Sit back and relax if you want, let it all wash over you or… get involved, change the ending, put your own music over the opening credits - how often have you wanted to do that?

TEDx Brussels is at Bozar November 22nd