We've expanded our reach here on the TEDx Brussels blog from two writers to seven. They're a fascinating bunch, reaching across technology, advertising and computer science to student participation and global communications. You'll be able to read their posts here over the weeks leading up to the big day on November 22.

Clo Willaerts has been an internet professional for over twelve years now. At Sanoma Media Belgium, she runs conversity.be, the business unit that helps companies to get more out of social media. Besides that she's been the driving force behind the Brussels Girl Geek Dinners for four years now, an informal network of women with a passion for ICT and the internet. Clo is a big fan of all things TED and loves the way the concept opens up around the world to put a spotlight on people with ideas that make us think AND do.She's also a mother of two. Chocolate lover. Internet fanatic. Organiser of Brussels Girl Geek Dinners. Author of "The Conversity Model" and business unit manager of conversity.be. Lazy sins: enjoys reading books in bath. And hopes the web 3.0 will do her groceries.

Jeff Chertack has more than a decade of professional experience on multiple continents, advising clients in the health, environment and government sectors on strategic communications and policy strategy. He's managing director of Ogilvy PR Brussels, where he is passionate about leveraging insights from behavioural science to inform more effective communications and public affairs campaigns. When not sitting in front of his MacBook Pro or iPhone, Jeff is a father, racing enthusiast (spectator) and exploring the wonders of Belgian beer. Jeff will write on citizen engagement (how will governments and citizens interact in the future?); future of advertising and other intriguing stuff...

Serge Boucher is a computer scientist, musician and photographer based in Brussels. He holds a degree in Engineering from Université Libre de Bruxelles, where he serves as Research Assistant. His research focusses on artificial intelligence, location-based services, database modeling and software engineering. His main interests lies in how using knowledge representation and logical inference can help make services like Google Maps and Foursquare more powerful, with an ambition to one day create smartphones that actually act "smart". He's spoken about formal logics, artificial intelligence, software engineering and the future of mobile devices at prominent conferences on three continents.

Wouter Glaser is an all round Communication & PR Manager with more than five years experience in the fields of marketing, PR, social media and marketing-communication. He's worked for politicians, advertising agencies and now TomTom. Wouter is a pioneer in online communication, he specialises in advising clients how to increase their profile using social media. He'll be writing about technology, communication and the future of social networks.

Sander Van der Maelen is Students' representative at Ghent University. His interests are oriented towards student support services and diversity in higher education. Sander is responsable for policy concerning student support services, diversity and the social aspects of higher education. He's currently finishing an M.A. in History at Ghent University, specializing in Contemporary History. He'll be starting an Ma. Sc. in Urbanism and Spatial Planning with special interest in urban developement, social geography and participatory politics.

I hope you'll agree, an interesting group...

John Fass Art Director Writer in residence UX and communications