One of our most regular partners here at TEDx Brussels is Igor Celikovic. Since 2009 he's been handling our amazing legion of volunteers without which TEDx Brussels simply would not be possible. We caught up with him at home in Croatia.

Hi Igor, I hope you're doing OK today. I'd like to ask you a few questions about TEDx Brussels if that's OK?

Sure go ahead.

How long have you been involved with TEDx Brussels and what do you do?

I've been involved with TEDxBrussels since the very first year in 2009. Currently, I'm working as freelance translator and volunteering at various events in culture and technology. Also, I'm always looking for new exciting experiences/opportunities in Brussels or somewhere in Europe.

How did you find out about the event? I found out about TEDxBrussels from a good friend Salmaan, who also volunteered at last year's event. He suggested me to apply as volunteer, so I did and made it to the reserve list. Luckily, I was later 'promoted' to a fully fledged volunteer.

What makes TEDx Brussels different from other TEDx days? I haven't actually physically been to other TEDx events, even though I watched many videos, so it would be difficult for me to compare TEDxBrussels to other TEDx events. However, what I think makes TEDxBrussels so special is the right mix of participants who come from every corner of Europe/World (so typical of Brussels), have incredibly wide interests and are willing to share their stories and experiences throughout the day.

What do you like most about TEDx Brussels? I just love the atmosphere, because it's something really extraordinary. Having all these amazing people together, both speakers and participants, in one place is something special. Even Rick Torfs, one of the speakers from last year, acknowledged that "there are too many brilliant people" around.

Who is your favourite TEDx Brussels speaker, who inspired you the most? I have to say Sebastian Thrun, who later also gave a talk at TED in Long Beach. The idea of driverless cars captured my attention even before the talk and his sense of humour and storytelling made his talk the best one so far.

What are you most looking forward to at TEDx Brussels this year? One of my favorite TED speakers is coming to Brussels this year, and his name is David Deutsch. His way of speaking about the universe and the physical reality is so profound, yet so comprehensible to a non-expert on the matter like me that I'm really excited to hear him speak even if its just for 18 minutes. Apart from the official program, I'm really looking forward to meeting all the volunteers this year and making sure they have fun while they're working to make this event the best so far.

Any advice for people who want to get involved? I can only say from my own experience that volunteering at TEDxBrussels is crazy fun. If you're interested in meeting brilliant people, listening to cool talks and having fun while helping in the organisation of an amazing event, then we would like to hear from you.

How has being involved with TEDx Brussels helped you? Firstly, it's an awesome experience being involved at all in the organisation of TEDxBrussels. But more importantly, I met some amazing people among the organisers and participants with whom I really became good friends and continued to work with on other projects.

Thanks so much for your time Igor and we're really looking forward to seeing you again on November 22

Sure, see you then.

Anyone interested in volunteering for TEDx Brussels can contact Igor on