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Nothing has changed daily life in the past 10 years more than the Internet.  Nothing has stimulated innovation more in those years than the Internet. But, like many other paradigm shifts, some key technology drivers stay under the covers, such as the Domain Name System or DNS as you may have seen it written. The DNS protocol is one of the hidden gems of the Internet.  Amongst other things, it allows us to write emails or visit websites using easy to remember names that hide the complex technical addressing mechanisms used to make the Internet work for the daily user. It introduces a beautiful flexibility into the system:  when moving your website or email box to another physical environment or provider, the DNS system gracefully makes sure the outside world doesn’t even notice.

The way people represent themselves online has become a crucial issue with debates about anonymity for example creating concern for parents and issues for how media outlets trust their sources. Privacy issues are going to become more and more important. Devices and websites use our (voluntarily provided) private identity data to tailor services to minute detail. On the other side of the coin, for activists in Iran or Libya, being able to disguise personal digital identity has been an important method of avoiding harassment and arrest.

In the worlds of business and politics, names and marketing have long been recognised as important - the branding industry is based on this realisation. If you are still using an email address with the domain name of your provider, you should seriously consider getting your own domain name because one day you will want or have to change your ISP and, if you are not using your own domain name for your email, that means losing your address. The choice of a domain name and its extension has become crucial in communicating the values you stand for.

Innovation and progress are synonymous. At EURid, we are sure that innovation drives business. That’s why we are an enthusiastic sponsor of TEDx Brussels

EURid is the organisation that manages the .eu extension.

Marc Van Wesemael General Manager EURid