Based in a grounding belief that, overall, people have a desire to “do good” and make positive impact on the world, Smilemundo is a global organization that provides people with the tools to interact with one another and the causes that interest them in order to make their mark on the world. With the help of the crowd funding platform and group of 50+ multi-talented volunteers from all over the world, Smilemundo is a community that allows everyone to do a little bit in order to create something big.

“That´s how we see activism - that average people like us can donate a small sum and, together we all decide where it should go. We are all constantly learning and navigating the world around us. Smilemundo lets us do this in unison. There is no other place where 2 euro a month can make a different project a reality each time.”
 -Aleksandra Zemke, Smilemundo founder

The idea of Smilemundo is to create a space where people can interact with causes that are close to them and engage with other likeminded individuals from around the world in a fun and unique way. Smile, Mun and Do are what you can call the “mascots” of each cause – people, environment, animals – providing information, knowledge and the wherewithal for anyone who wants to get involved in making an impact on the world.

“There are always a couple of projects participating and users can vote on the project of their choice then donate to the category in which it belongs. As an added bonus, anyone can vote without making a donation! However the donations and votes multiply accordingly - meaning that the more you participate as a donor, the more impact on the decision process you have.”


Like for all good things, the future of Smilemundo is open. It is constantly growing both as a movement and a community and always evolving to suit the people and the world around it.

Yet, also like all good things, change and results take time, perseverance and effort – all of these qualities encapsulate the basis and character of Smilemundo. With an increasing presence, Smilemundo is connecting more and more with people from around the world who share similar beliefs and values, and carry the goal of make positive impacts on the world that we all share.