TEDxBrussels is but a few days away and the social media team provided by ZN is gearing up for the big event.  This year however, we aim to take “engagement” and interactivity to a whole new level for those present at BOZAR or watching TEDxBrussels on our livestream. If you’ve been to TEDxBrussels before, you will know how electrifying the atmosphere is, filled with energy, inspiration and creativity.  The only problem, you don’t have an outlet for all these ideas that fill your imagination as the speakers impart their knowledge.

To address this issue, the social media team came up with a pilot idea for TEDxBrussels with the cooperation of Accenture, and supported by Swift, ZN and Evernote.  As you know, Accenture is great at “innovation by combination”, building and merging ideas together to create and implement new concepts.  Now, integrate this concept through social media, and you have TEDxBrussels’ REMIXit!

This year, TEDx-sters and their friends will be able to listen to great talks, merge and build on ideas, share them on social media and perhaps win great prizes in six categories plus a public’s prize.  As a world première, we are unleashing TEDx-ster’s potential and getting everyone involved in sharing ideas for the full of next week.

This is the first step in taking “Ideas worth spreading” to “ideas worth DOING!”

Find out more at www.remixit.eu and on www.twitter.com/remixiteu

The REMIXit competition is open from Nov 12 8am to Nov 16 23:59.

Prizes will be awarded in a ceremony at Accenture BeLux on Nov 26

-Nicholas Brooke