Speakers at TEDxBrusselsChange 2013

Speakers at TEDxBrusselsChange 2013

On April 3, Melinda Gates will be hosting the 2013 edition of TEDxChange from the Gates Foundation campus in Seattle. The live streamed event focusing on Positive Disruption will be an opportunity to address key challenges in the areas of health and development, and share ideas that will materialise into real change.

Complementing this global event, TEDxBrussels will also be joining the discussion. As a trampoline and proponent for innovative and disruptive projects in Europe, TEDxBrussels will be hosting TEDxBrusselsChange – showing a live simulcast of TEDxChange and introducing three speakers who will challenge the status quo of healthcare with their exciting projects.

Breaking a healthcare taboo

Lode Dewulf, Chief Patient Affairs Officer at UCB, has more than 20 years of pharmaceutical medical experience around the world. He is a physician who is passionate about patients’ perspectives. His talk will turn one particular area of medical thinking on its head!

Connecting nurses

Sylvie Coumel is the Director for Stakeholder and Advocacy at Sanofi, while Phyllis Zimmer is the President of the Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation (USA). They believe that communication and knowledge sharing are essential to creating awareness about diseases and finding patient-centered solutions.

Corporate rebels

Peter Vander Auwera, Innovation Leader at SWIFT, is also the co-initiator of Corporate Rebels United, a movement that unites corporate rebels across the globe to ensure that true change happens virally.

The master of ceremony for TEDxBrusselsChange will be none other than Gary Finnegan, award-winning health journalist and editor of VaccinesToday.

Nicholas Brooke