Sam Lounis De Brouwer, TEDxBrussels organizer

Sam Lounis De Brouwer, TEDxBrussels organizer

1/ My most important project for the moment is:
TEDxBrussels of course!

2/ The person, the creation, the project that has inspired me lately is:
The Internet of interspecies started by Diana Reiss, Peter Gabriel, Vincent Cerf and Neil Greshenfield. They are researching if the Internet could connect us with dolphins, apes, elephants and other highly intelligent species. The first results blew me away.

3/ The 3 factors I believe crucial for an idea/project/business to spread are:
Vision, perseverance, fairness.

4/ My favorite place in the world is:
No favorite place, I have favorite moments.

5/ Before I die I want to:
Have done my best.

6/ Are you coming to TEDxBrussels this year?

7/ Why?
Because I organize it, and it is truly one of the best moment of the year. In one day you listen to people and projects with such impact on us all! And the diversity of the attendees is amazing: entrepreneurs, creatives, VC's, EU policy makers, students, scientists, artists...