Eric Fjosne co-organizer of Café Numérique Brussels

Eric Fjosne co-organizer of Café Numérique Brussels

1/My most important project for the moment is:
Expanding the community behind Cafe Numerique. It is a Belgian organization that promotes new technologies and innovation linked to those technologies, by organizing workshops, meetings, conferences and special events in Belgium. It is a place of discussion, debate, networking and information, axed towards the present and the future of information technologies, regardless of the topic/sector/field of activity (education, corporate, design, health, arts, entertainment, ...).

Why am I in ?
I tend to say that there is one constant momentum about the world we are living in: change. Most people want change to happen, things to evolve, but are usually cautious to embrace it because of the unknown behind it, or simply because "they do not understand", or "it is not for them". This is where talking and communicating about it become a key solution. We want to offer our community a way to keep an alert mind on the technologies surrounding them. I cannot think of a better way to stimulate people, and myself, than connecting with both experts and amateurs, during informal meetings, around a nice drink !

2/The person, the creation, the project that has inspired me lately is :
A 19 years old student from the Netherlands: Boyan Slat. Although his work still is a huge work in progress, he addressed the issue of the oceans plastic cleanup with a simple, elegant, environmental friendly and profitable solution. Having such a vision, a knowledge and a creative mind at his age litterally blew my mind.

3/The 3 factors I believe crucial for an idea/project/business to spread are:
 - Passion: The best source for great personal & professional accomplishments. It'll keep you running, no matter what the obstacles are.
 - Perseverance: You might not get it right at first, but if you believe you're headed towards the right direction, do never give up.
 - Simplicity: Problems usually come from complex situations. Keeping a simple approach to solving them can be quite a complex challenge. You need to make every step towards the solution a simple one, otherwise you will have a hard time building new opportunities atop what you just tackled.

4/My favorite place in the world is:
Yakushima Island, in Japan. This place truly is magical.

5/Before I die I want to:
See the Earth from outer space, with my own eyes. 
And also ... ride the hoverboard from Back to the Future 2 !

6/Are you coming to TEDxBrussels this year?

From what I explained when describing what my most important project for the moment was, I'm guessing you kind of already know why ;)