Dear TEDx'ers,

It has been wonderful to curate and organize TEDxBrussels over the past 6 years, from 2009 to 2014. TEDxBrussels has been a wonderful gathering of world class speakers who come together to share their work in science, technology, art, policy making and so much more.

You, the audience, have been fantastic by showing up every year, filling Bozar, and listening and sharing your feedback with the speakers. All the volunteers have been key in making the event a success year after year, giving their time and heart to the adventure.

TEDxBrussels now has a new curating team, fresh and ready to rock the boat again. Walter and I are now permanently living and working in the US, but our heart roots for TEDxBrussels and the new team can always count on our support.

We stay very close to the team taking over the daily organization of the event and will hopefully see you there, on the 14th of March in the Brussels Event Brewery.

Sam & Walter De Brouwer