In 2012 I was lucky enough to be invited to speak about my idea, Mogees, at TEDx Brussels amongst some amazing speakers such as Steve Wozniak, Alexander Asseily, Mitch Altman, Alan Greene and many more. For those of you that haven’t seen my stage performance, you can watch it here. Simply put, Mogees is a combination of a small vibration sensor and a smartphone app that can turn the objects around us into unique musical instruments.

Bruno with Mogees

Bruno with Mogees

A lot has happened since then. So much that TEDxBrussels has asked me to post an update about it.

First of all, Mogees is now a fully fledged product. A very successful Kickstarter campaign just ended and enabled more then 1600 people all around the world to support the project. I can’t wait to see what they will come up with once they have one in their hands.

Great artists such as Rodrigo y Gabriela and Imogen Heap started using Mogees for their own shows. And I myself am about to start a tour with British experimental dance pioneers Plaid (Warp records). Watch out our EL-EX video for Warp records here or come and see us live!

We want to use Mogees for music education too. We worked with a number of academics at primary schools Birmingham and Ipswich (UK), showing how Mogees can be used to teach music within the new guidelines of the UK national curriculum which specifically covers sound, vibration and explorative play. We have had amazing results and since then many institutes contacted us, also specialising in special educational needs.

We have appointed the brilliant David Zicarelli, founder of Cycling’74, as non-executive director, who has been sharing his 20 years of experience on MaxMSP and giving priceless advice about interaction design.

I’ve been showing Mogees in Europe and India, and I’ll be touring Mexico and the USA this summer.  I’ve also been selected to be Sennheiser Global Ambassador, and they will be supporting me to produce sound installations all over the world. Exciting times and the best has yet to come.