We interviewed the organizer and licensee of TEDxManhattan. Find out what motivated her to organize her own TEDx event and her views on the spreading of ideas.

1/ My most important project for the moment is:

My nonprofit Change Food. I'm working to help shift the broken U.S. food system to one in which healthy, nutritious food is accessible to all. Change Food raises awareness and educates others about both problems and solutions with the food supply.


2/ The person, the creation, the project that has inspired me lately is:

The physicists who are working on proving the theory that there are parallel universes. That would mean that not only are we not alone in the universe, we are part of something so much bigger than we ever could have imagined. It's mind blowing, and humbling, to think about.

3/ The 3 factors I believe crucial for ideas to spread are:

I believe the most crucial factor to spreading anything is to make sure that action is involved within the idea. It's one thing to have an idea - it's a totally different thing to have an idea that inspires people to take action. Ideas/projects/businesses that we spread should all work toward bettering people or the planet.

Another important factor is to educate and inform others, but let them make up their own minds about what they want to do. inspire them; do not bang them over the head with your doctrine. Give them a combination of facts and story flavored with emotion to help move them to want to make change.

4/ My favorite place in the world is:

Sedona, Arizona

5/ Before I die I want to:

Do something that helps change the world for the better. I hope to be able to give the love I have inside of me to others, in a way that betters the planet and the people on it.

6/ Your favorite TED talk?

There are too many to have an absolute favorite, but if you have not watched Steve Ritz's talk "A Teacher Growing Green in the South Bronx", you must! http://www.ted.com/talks/stephen_ritz_a_teacher_growing_green_in_the_south_bronx  

7/ What is the best thing you have done in the last year?

Probably my TEDxManhattan event in March. I was able to bring together 17 speakers from different parts of the food movement, have them speak to an audience of almost 400 people live while 150 viewing parties and 13,000 people tuned in to the webcast. I feel so fortunate to be able to help spread word about problems and solutions to our food system and to play a small part in helping everyone get access to healthy, nutritious food.  

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