My most important project for the moment is:

Pedro: My baby, Constança.

Norberto: TEDxOporto, Ignite and Toastmasters. I love the power of sharing good ideas on a stage. In fact, I love the idea of helping to create the necessary conditions for other great people to do so!

Norberto Amaral

Norberto Amaral

The person, the creation, the project that has inspired me lately is:

Pedro : Manuel Forjaz. He was the former host of TEDxOporto and died last month (Ed. April 2014). He inspired all our team, since 2011, to try to create the best TEDx in the world. He had a disruptive and creative thinking, a great heart, and was a guru in the art of innovation, entrepreneurship and negotiation. He inspired me not putting limits to what I wanted to create and achieve.
As a result, and since I met him, my professional career grew so much, so as my personal achievements.
One example is CEPA, a Port Wine Bottle Coaster that I created with one of my partners of ArchitectureClinic and is now being sold a bit all over the world.

Pedro Geraldes Santos

Pedro Geraldes Santos

Norberto: Manuel Forjaz, our former host of TEDxOporto, was and is a continuous source of inspiration. Manuel transformed his life, became a social entrepreneur, gave a lot back to society (much more, I believe, than he got from it) by motivating people with diseases such as cancer to live their lives without concerning themselves too much about it.
Sadly, Manuel left us on April 6th, after a 5 year long fight against cancer, but he didn't go without putting up a good fight and inspiring many people along the way.

The 3 factors I believe crucial for an idea to spread are:

1. Image is what impels people to want it.
2. Quality is the key for people supporting/ using/ loving it and recommend it to other persons.
3. Values or principles are the main factors for users standing for it.


1. Stickiness - the idea just has to have its own worth. To make better things, cheaper, faster, open new avenues of change, etc.

2. Timing - some ideas are just too far ahead. The world is just not ready for them. Huge amounts of money and effort are spent on this kind of ideas before people realize they really aren't ready...

3. Virality - some ideas almost inexplicably get 'out there'. They become 'viral' and spread much faster than all other - maybe because they reach a certain 'critical mass'!


My favorite place in the world is:

Pedro: My home.

Norberto: Too many! But I love Norway, Iceland, London and... wherever TEDActive takes place!

Before I die I want to:

Pedro: ...create an institution for mentoring teenagers, for free. The big idea is giving teenagers at risk the tools that can make them exceed their social conditions and have a bright future ahead, defined by sustained choices, and not by their social status.

Norberto: Travel even more, learn as much as possible, share what I know with everyone I know, see my son become a happy, fulfilled adult.

Who is your role model and why?

Pedro: My family. They taught me good values and principles, and made me the person I am now. I'm proud of myself, and that's their fault.

Norberto: People who have inspired me:
- Nelson Mandela for being able to have a message of love and inclusion when it might be so much easier to give into hate
- Manuel Forjaz, former host of TEDxOporto - when we find difficulty we always ask ourselves - What Would Manuel Do? And it works!
- Chris Anderson, for creating an empire of knowledge and ideas.

Your favorite TED talk?

Pedro: There are so many, but maybe "How great leaders inspire action" by Simon Sinek.

Norberto: Possibly Bryan Stevenson's in TED 2012. Bryan is a lawyer/activist who focuses on human rights and fighting for equal justice rights especially in USA. His talk in 2012 was nothing short of brilliant and the next day Chris Anderson 'pulled' over one million dollars in donations from people in the audience in order to help Bryan fund his non-profit, live, in front of about 1500 people. Absolutely unforgettable!

What is the best thing you have done in the last year?

Pedro: Supporting and volunteering in an institution that helps children and teenagers at risk ( The little effort that we make can mean so much for these children.

1. I was a speaker at TEDxLuanda, in Angola! This was in late May 2013! I was in Angola for 9 adventurous days and loved every second of it, from the slums in Luanda to the beautiful city of Benguela, 500km South of Luanda and where I travelled to by bus - what a journey that was!
2. I organised, together with a great team of volunteers, TEDxOporto. I honestly believe it was one of our best yet. We received great feedback and I enjoyed so much every second of that day.
3. I attended TEDActive - and I'm so into it now that it should be called TEDAddictive!

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