1/My most important project for the moment is:  
Creating a new business model to bring medical technologies to small patient populations. When you’ve got a great solution for patients but the typical market place won’t sustain it, how can you bring it to them anyway?  There are a lot of good models out there in other business sectors and we’re going to pull from the best of them to create something new for medical technology.

2/The person, the creation, the project that has inspired me lately is:  
I’m inspired every day by people with movement disorders who face the world courageously despite their disability. It’s not about pity, either.  I’m frankly put to shame by people who have the guts to tandem-jump out of an airplane or sail competitively despite being paralyzed.  

3/The 3 factors I believe crucial for an idea/project/business to spread are:
You need to reach people’s heart, head, and hands. Give them something to believe in (heart), educate them (head), and allow them to get involved (hands).

4/My favorite place in the world is:  
Anywhere my family is.

5/Before I die I want to:  

6/Are you coming to TEDxBrussels this year?  
Yes, of course!

What an awesome group of speakers to hang with and be inspired by! And besides, this will be my first trip to Brussels – a stunningly beautiful and historically important city that somehow also became the epicenter of beer and chocolate.