In this interview today you can read about Nicholas Brooke, an old friend of the TEDxBrussels team. He and the ZN team is always a great help before and during the D-day.


1/My most important project for the moment is:
Growing ZN Consulting which makes digital your competitive advantage and The Synergist that connects and empower organisations to make positive change. Check the last 2 projects and we have recently started.

2/The person, the creation, the project that has inspired me lately is :
Barry Schwartz for his spot on wise words, Dan Pallotta for his vision on charity and more recently, Bill and Melinda Gates since I became conscious of the radical reshape they are driving at a global scale, their massive impact, their commitment and their leadership.

3/The 3 factors I believe crucial for an idea/project/business to spread are:
 - tenacity to keep moving on towards your vision
 - ability to step back and identify new opportunities to achieve your vision at any time
 - let the devil's advocates aside…they advocate for the devil...

4/My favorite place in the world is:
Busy with and for the people I love, anywhere, anytime

5/Before I die I want to:
Turn any opportunity that comes across to make positive changes whether it is for people close to me or perfect strangers. Right now, health and education are my primary focuses 

6/Are you coming to TEDxBrussels this year?

I can't miss Brussels' most international and inspiring gathering of talents and great spirits