It is the time of the year that our TEDxBrussels team probably likes the most, beside of course the day of the event. We finally get to share our theme an the first speaker line-up for our next edition with you, our audience. Our team has developed its own working model in a very organic way. Most of us live in different cities of the world, have very different jobs and backgrounds.

We know each other for years now and no use to say that Skype is our most important working tool. From Kinshasa to San Francisco via Berlin, we always meet a few times a year in Brussels where 20% of our team resides permanently. We are constantly connected and sharing while building the event.


We spend a lot of research finding the right mix, sharing our theme with the speakers and making sure we can pull all the required logistics. We are once again honored to have managed to invite such a bright, varied and inspiring group of scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, policy makers who have agreed to come and share their story, their ideas with us.

We are immensely grateful to our partners who have supported us the most from the beginning 6 years ago allowing TEDxBrussels to become a top day in the capital of Europe, with world-class speakers where lifelong connections are made.

-The TEDxBrussels Team