Have you ever wondered how focused is your mind? At TEDxBrussels this year, all day long you will be able to compete with other TEDx attendees and speakers to be the most focused mind.



Earlier this year at TED 2013, Tan Le showcased her Emotiv headset technology which analyzes and interprets your brainwave signals. The Most Focused Mind of TED 2013 was Gary Flake, CEO of Bellevue, beating the likes of Sergey Brin, Al Gore and others.


You may also remember the demo from 2011 at TEDxBrussels in which the famous Belgian artist Stromae wore the headset and had to control the virtual cube on the computer screen only with his thoughts.

Straight from TED to TEDxBrussels, our audience will have the exclusive chance to take part in the same Most Focused Mind competition, organized by Emotiv and Accenture Belgium. The two highest scores of this challenge will win the new Emotiv Insight headset featured here

Not only you get to test some pretty exciting technology, but you can also try to outscore TEDx fellows, TEDx speakers with Tan Le herself to coach you and answer all your questions .

Welcome to the world of brain machine interface.

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