Damya Laoui

New ways to eradicate cancer


Damya Laoui is a research scientist tumor-immunology at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels and VIB. She graduated in Bio-Engineering Sciences and obtained a PhD degree in 2014.

After her post-doc in the De Palma lab at the ISREC Institute in the Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne, she came back to Brussels and started leading her own team focusing on tumor-immunology in the lab of Jo Van Ginderacter. She is exploring the role of the immune system in tumor progression and is developing new personalized immunotherapies based on dendritic cells to win the battle against cancer, for which she received the Dunia Award (African Awards) and the MIT Innovator under 35 Europe Award 2017.

She was recently nominated for the Woman in Technology and Science award and is encouraging young women to start studies and pursue careers in STEM.