Deborah De Robertis



Deborah de Robertis is a plastic artist, performer and videographer. She was born in Luxembourg from a French mother and an Italian father, he owns a master 2 in video and performances, she studied video and performance at the graphic research school in Bruxelles. In 2013 she is designated by the Luxembourg culture ministry for the artist residence at the Cité international des arts de Paris.

On the 29 may 2014, her work get known by the public when she perform her first performance “ Mirror of the Origine” in front of L’Origine du monde” by Gustave Courbet at the Orsay museum. In 2015 Deborah De Robertis organize a monographic exhibit at the Casino Luxembourg- Forum d’art contemporain. But this event is cancelled, creating a controversy with the organizer.

Deborah De Robertis then speaks about « censorship ». : « Is it a censorship of the sex or is it insidious and intangible censorship which is exercising on the female point of view in the art like in the world ? » 

During this talk, Deborah De Robertis will discuss the gaze, the female sex and the censorship mechanics applied by the institution on her work, which denounces the absence of the female point of view in art history.

In 2014 and 2016 the Orsay museum lodge a complaint for sexual exhibition following her performances, the first one while she was exposing her sex in front of L'Origine du Monde, the second one in front of Olympia by Manet. Following her last performance in 2018 the Louvre required during the trial a rigorous censorship by trying to forbid all broadcast of her works online.