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‘We are used to think that there is a part of life that has to be spent for education and a part of life which needs to be spent at work. ‘

Will this system survive?

‘Basic knowledge will be free in the future.  ‘

How expensive will it be to specialize and go deeper into a subject?

‘The online higher education will keep professors from  opening up on the web about their learned lessons and their own mistakes in business, from which students used to learn a lot in the classroom’

Could this be a real downside of the web based education?

…and the list goes on.


EX NIHILO is where paradigm shifts happen. The old order of things gives way to novel ideas!

As we are talking EX NIHILO this year, one of the highest disruptions happening today has a lot to do with Education. The UN view on education as one of the millennium goals, the rise of MOOCs and other digital tools or the new mindset of millennials all have an impact on the current system.

We promise to bring you on this page most interesting angles of  EX NIHILO Education as seen by TED Education Speakers, Professors, Advocates and other Influencers from the system.

Instead we want you to come forward with your own thoughts and ideas  and help us shape the debate!


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