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Jonathan Kubben Quinonez

Mom I'm Fine


Jonathan was on the eve of his 27th birthday. He finished his studies of communication and business management, and was working as a consultant in Brussels. In short, this was the life that his parents wanted him to have.

Most of his friends were in relationships, some had children. The kind of life he also wanted to have… but not right away. He still had a dream to fulfill: to make a world tour. He decided to gather all his friends to celebrate his birthday. He announced he quit his job and sold his car to finally travel. On March 20, he left Belgium.

Proud of his Mexican heritage, it is in Latin America that he landed a few hours later. Cuba, the first country he visits, does not allow him to communicate with his friends and family. The internet is not easily accessible, telecommunications are expensive, not to mention time differences between Cuba, Belgium and Mexico.

His mother, worried, knows the passion of her son for adventure and asked him to reassure her.