Jonathan Rowland

Jonathan Rowland

Financier - London


Jonathan Rowland, 39 years old is a London based financier, banker and entrepreneur.  Jonathan is the eldest son of David Rowland, the legendary investor and financier. Jonathan left education at 16 years old and has been working with the Rowland Family investment office ever since. He founded Jellyworks, an investment vehicle and business incubator for internet companies at the height of the 90s dot com boom that was sold to Shore capital in 2000 for over £50million when Jonathan was aged just 24. In 2005 Jonathan and his family founded Blackfish Capital Management Ltd an FSA regulated Hedge Fund. In 2009 Blackfish Capital became the preferred bidder for the Luxembourg operations of the failed Icelandic Bank Kaupthing. In July 2009 Blackfish completed the restructuring of Kaupthing Bank Luxembourg and renamed it Banque Havilland SA. Banque Havilland holds a full European Banking license and has since made several acquisitions to give it a global footprint and a new clean, strong banking group owned 100% by the Rowland Family. In the period 2010/2012 Jonathan became CEO of the Bank and was at the time the youngest CEO of a European Bank. The restructuring saved over 30,000 Belgian depositors and investors as well as a number of other nationalities. The Belgian State acknowledged publicly the Rowland Family since.

In 2013 Jonathan suffered a major setback to his health and his life. Today after a long journey back Jonathan has started a new business life and has a new outlook. He has also become a Trustee of BTRC a leading Brain Tumour Research Charity.

Jonathan Rowland will be sharing his story on a public stage for the very first time.