Jose Maria Aranaz


UN Human Rights DRC Director


Jose Maria Aranaz joined MONUSCO as director of UNJHRO in January 2015. 

Mr. Aranaz is a lawyer from Spain specialized in Constitutional Law, Human Rights and legal electoral issues with 23 years of professional experience including 20 in field deployments. 

Prior to that he has been Deputy Chief Human Rights Officer in Sudan and Iraq and a human rights officer in Rwanda and Bosnia. 

Mr. Aranaz has also been UN Chief Electoral Adviser to Iraq and member of the electoral commission in Afghanistan as well as other electoral experience including assignments in Timor-Lester, Kenya, Bosnia and Guatemala. 

In addition to his experience with the United Nations Mr. Aranaz has been Legal Adviser and acting director for Africa for International IDEA and legal adviser to the Secretary-General as well as adviser to the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Mr. Aranaz has also worked in Croatia on humanitarian issues and Burkina Faso on democracy promotion. 

Before joining MONUSCO, Mr. Aranaz served as Chief of Staff to the UN Office in Burundi.