Lode Dewulf


Chief Patient Affairs Officer at UCB in Belgium

Lode Dewulf has always wanted people to feel better. A trained physician, and occasionally patient, he increasingly realized that outcomes for patients will only improve if medicine is done WITH people. Today he strongly advocates that integrating the patient perspective is a key requirement for bettering care.

Eager to challenge the status quo, Lode is on the front-line of work that looks to harness the changing ecosystems and cultures within healthcare. He seeds new solutions and spearheads co-creation initiatives that address issues such as pregnancy and medicine and patient engagement - and is determined to help reignite that elusive sense of purpose in the pharma industry.

Keen to broaden his impact beyond his own clinical practice, he joined the pharmaceutical industry in 1989, working to improve knowledge around treatment options for a number of high-profile diseases. In 1999, he co-founded PlanetMedica, the first European healthcare internet portal for the general public. With well over 25 years of pharma experience around the world under his belt, he now works as Chief Patient Affairs Officer at UCB in Belgium.