Miel Horsten

Human mobility



As a small-town boy born in Hoogstraten, Belgium, Miel decided to leave the intimacy of his father’s pharmacy in 1997and started a career in the maintenance department of ALD Automotive, Belgium’s largest car leasing company based in Brussels.

After spending parts of his career in the UK, Spain, France and the United States he moved back to Belgium in 2012 to become CEO of the company where he started his career.

Since 2016 Miel combines his role with the one of President of Renta, the Federation of Car Leasing and For Term Rental companies in Belgium.

He also sits on the board of Kowo, a Brussels based start up in the field of ride sharing. Miel holds positions in the Operating Board and Innovation Board of ALD in Paris and is President of the Board of ALD Re, a Dublin based reinsurance company.

In 2015 Miel was elected CEO of the Year by Peoplesphere Magazine for his efforts to modernize human resources management and put talent at the center of his company. Miel is 44 year old and father of two children.