Petra de Sutter

Re-designing the human being



Head of the Department Reproductive Medicine,   University Hospital Gent

Senator & MP Council of Europe

A. Huxley forecasted in his Brave New World the 'teletube babies'.

Was he right?

What will the future bring us in the field? 

Petra De Sutter is a gynecologist, professor and head of the department of reproductive medicine at Ghent University hospital. She does research in the field of embryonic stem cells and the psychological and ethical aspects of human reproduction. She is a busy clinician but also a popular opinion maker. In 2014 she entered politics and is currently Senator and member of the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe. Her political themes are migration, bioethics, LGBTI and women’s rights. She is the author of two books: ‘[Over]leven’ and ‘De Maakbare Baby’.