Silvie Moors


Bibliotherapist and Teacher

Silvie Moors like to take it slow. As a single mom with two young boys, she aims for slowness in work and in life. However, achieving balance between mindfully preparing soup and mindfully making a living is never easy, but the constant effort is worth the trying. And failure is allowed.

To Silvie Moors, life is often work, and work often life Her job as a shared reading practitioner and as manager of a literary venture builds on who she wants to be in life: a passionate reader filling her days with (obviously) great literature and a woman who makes the best out of life for herself and for her family. The books that surround her, are her inspiration, along with the great thinkers she admires and the bare beauty of life itself.

Silvie is inspired by people at the fringes of society who fail often and fail invisibly, even when they take baby steps towards improvement. For herself, Silvie enjoys failing continuously and slowly — slowly getting back on her feet, and slowly moving on.

In her TEDx Talk, Silvie offers a sneak peek at who she has become, in spite and because of her failures. Her flair and passion will reveal how DE DAGEN became a venture for and by people growing stronger through the power of literature.