Scott Thomas

Yes We Can Campaign

Tan Le

Brain Machine Interface

Jason Dunn

3D Printing in Space

Diana Reiss

The Dolphin in the Mirror

Matt Dobson

Empathetic Algorithms

Neelie Kroes

Vice President EU Commission

Antony Evans

The Glowing Plant

Jessica Richman

Citizen Scientist

Niels Shoe


Mikko Hypponen

Cyber Criminality

Mark Post

Lab Grown Burger

Tim Exile

Electronic Music Improvisor

Megan Moynahan

Artificial Nervous Systems

Steven Laureys


Martin Zizi


Cedric Hutchings

Mobile Health

Yves Moreau

Sharing a million genomes

Amalya Delepierre

Rising Voice

Will Henshall

Music to focus

Lode Dewulf

Medical Taboo

Slava Rubin

Crowdfunding Expert

James Monsees



Peter Mombaerts

Smelling Neurons


Eric Melloul


Taste of TEDxBrussels

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