Susana Sargento


Vehicular Networks Researcher | On LinkedIN

Susana Sargento is an Associate Professor with “Habillitation” in the University of Aveiro and the Institute of Telecommunications, where she is leading the Network Architectures and Protocols (NAP) group (

In March 2012, Susana has co-founded a vehicular networking company, Veniam (, a spin-off of the Universities of Aveiro, Porto and Instituto de Telecomunicações, which builds a seamless low-cost vehicle-based internet infrastructure. Veniam has now a head count of 40, and has now headquarters in Silicon Valley, Singapore and Portugal.

Susana has more than 15 years of experience in technical leadership in many national and international projects, and worked closely with telecom operators and OEMs. She is one of the 9 finalists of the EU Women Innovation prize.

In academia she has been involved in several national, European, and Transatlantic projects, where she has been leader of several activities and infrastructure deployment, such as the Smart Cities infrastructure. The Smart Cities infrastructure in Porto is composed by the vehicular network, denoted as CityNet, which provides Internet access to users in the buses since September 2014, and a sensing infrastructure, denoted as UrbanSense, which provides a low-cost and large range communication support all over the city.

In industry she has been co-founder of Veniam, and took the roles of VP of Engineering and Head of Corporate Research. The co-lead of the first world-wide large scale vehicular network has been key to Veniam’s success, since it provided a revolution on the future of communication networks built through moving elements.

Susana’s main interests are in the areas of self-organized networks, in ad-hoc, vehicular mechanisms and protocols, and content distribution networks.