Sylvie Depauw, Bert Maris & Kristien Hemmerecht



Belgian Soprano, Sylvie De Pauw,  her professional singing career began in 1999 with the “Flemish Opera” as a Blumenmädchen (Parsifal-S.Zoltesh).  She then performed the part of Sacerdotessa (Aïda-R.Werthen) in “Opera Hall” and also the part of Anna (Nabucco-K.Kessels) throughout Europe.

In collaboration with the Belgian writer, Kristien Hemmerechts, she produced several productions and in September 2013 they were awarded a 4-star review by the ‘De Standaard’ newspaper for their production ‘Herman’ (about the life of poet Herman De Coninck). They were on tour with ‘Shakespeare in love’, dramatizing the life of this famous writer.

This season they made ‘Brave New Maria’, a Jazz Lab production with Jazz Trompetist Bart Maris about the life of Maria Nys Huxley, first wife of Aldous. It got a positive review in ‘De Standaard’. They also made a CD recording of the production (Negocitorecords).



A Belgian improvising trumpet player. Active since 1990 in a very
large variety of projects and bands in very large variety of styles, and very
often guest musician on records or concerts.

Due to his special focus on improvising and creating: Bart focusses on new voice for the trumpet, creating new approach of the role of the instrument, and therefore works in most divers contexts: solo.



Kristien Hemmerechts (°1955) is one of Belgium’s most acclaimed authors. Her work has been translated into French, German and English, an awarded prestigious prizes. She also lectures creative writing at the University of Leuven (Belgium).