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Patrick Coulier

Licensee / sponsorships

Igor Celikovic



Patrick Coulier

Sponsorships & Co-licensee



Rudolf Werthen 

Logistics & Director of Communications

If my goal wasn't to realize my dreams, someone else would hire me to help them to realize theirs.
I don’t take life too seriously, anyway I won’t get out alive.


Angeliki Karampourouni

Volunteers Coordinator

I do not really procrastinate about getting towards where I am headed. There are just so many great people to meet and fun things to do in between tasks. On time quality delivery is the key!

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Igor Celikovic

Speaker Management & Coaching

I'm not weird, I'm limited edition. Atmosphere enhancer who also happens to be good at ping pong, cooking and connecting people.

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Bernadett Lauko

Bernadett Lauko


I'm responsible for connecting inspiring people and businesses, and have a passion for smart communication that succeed. I get my inspiration from innovation, and organizations doing remarkable work for society, science, the economy and our environment.

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Marylise Lemerle

Team member

“Life is a lot like football. You have to tackle your problems, block your fears, and score your points when you get the opportunity.”

Passionate about meeting new people, football, art, town planning and mixing things up.

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Colin Hensley

Media relations

"Press here"

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Viridiana Alverde

Event Organizer TEDxBrusselsWomen



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Bibbi Abruzzini

Bibbi Abruzzini

Online Communications

Travel-addicted, inspired by the diversity of people and cultures. I say bring on the creative minds and the ones who are not afraid of triggering change.  

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Yacine Kouhen

Speaker coach

"I spent hours trying to find something original to say to fit with the cool TED spirit, but who am I kidding, I deliver most of my trainings in a suit."



Marko Skenderovic

Graphic design and visual identity

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