Monday, 14 March | 13.00 - 19.10h


Rarely our world has seen the volume of game-changing shifts it will experience between now and the next couple of decades. Some transformations are apparent already. But what will the “Deeper Future” hold for us?

TEDxBrussels event 2016 will be built around this theme. World-class speakers will gather in the heart of Europe to spread great ideas about the deeper future of technology, entertainment, design, social life and nature.


"A concept should connote, not denote, to use the distinction made by the Anglo-Saxons philosophers. Connoting means signifying or suggesting certain meanings and ideas in addition to the referred, explicit or primary, meaning. Association with other words or other time or space contexts thereby often reveals these deeper meanings. The “Deeper Future” connotes deeper thinking about the place that the human being will take – or will be pushed in – in relation to determining (far-future) fields such as technology, love, health, life & living. This is not merely an out of the box thinking, but a thinking whereby a box can no longer be considered a reference, allowing uncontrolled dissemination to flourish.  This is what TEDx Brussels is about."
Rudy Aernoudt, TEDxBrussels curator



Every year we bring this amazing event to Brussels also thanks to our great partners. They are again with us this year for TEDxBrussels 2016.