Tim Exile

@timexile | timexile.com

Tim Exile is an electronic music improvisor, composer and producer, alongside inventing and making electronic musical instruments. He has made critically acclaimed albums for Warp records, toured the stages of every continent and released his own software creations in collaboration with music tech leaders Native Instruments to outstanding commercial success.

With a deep motor-neuron relationship with sound from playing the violin from age 5, at 12 years old he discovered the enthralling sound world of bootleg rave tapes. A quick but frustrating flirtation with DJing germinated his vision of how sound could be touched and shaped into music live and in the moment. He taught himself to program in his spare time, between studying a Philosophy degree and writing his early drum & bass 12"s, and went on to create his first performance software instrument in 2004.

Determined to bring spontaneity, vulnerability and interactivity to a genre of music characterized by long-labored, highly polished studio production, he set up live online venue timexile.tv for streaming live crowdsourced performances in 2011. He continues to develop cutting edge instruments for live performance while actively writing and performing his own music.