Tommy Deblieck

Zora Robotics NV


Who is Zora?

The Zora application is the first software able to give life to humanoid robots and make them available for senior health care use. The Belgian solution is the brain that makes using a robot simple. With already over 200 robots adopted all over the world, many of which in Europe, Zora has been unanimously received, both by health care professionals and by seniors themselves.

Relationships between humans and robots have changed and the Zora Bots company is about to give it renewed momentum. The Zora application have brought many solutions for a lot of tasks in health care - Zora lives today with the elderly in residential care centers, livens up days in schools where Zora also helps young autistic children, but has also found its place in the hotel business where the robot offers a new experience to the clients. For the Zora Bots company, the retail market is the next step. The Zora solution makes using robots in real life simple, smart, enriching, powerful and useful.